Complex projects, easy collaboration, interaction with 24-hr access in 3D

Today's engineers, architects, planners, law/security professionals (the list goes on and on), typically use complex and costly 3D software with limited sharing and data access capibility. Your clients and stakeholders don't want to invest a lot of time and training for project collaboration and data access....

Wouldn't be great if you could just visit the "3D Digitzied Location" and be able to see it all in 3D and view the data directly from the visual asset source? You know, simple controls, no special skills to use combined with a point and touch toolset to see, compare and annotate?


BIMRAY® (SaaS), v2.2 available now!
Zip and send your data to BIMRAY® >
We layer and create the interactive "3D Digitized Location" >
project delivered, ready to use by all stakeholders!

Reality Capture Model

Optimized CAD Model

Standard 3D Model with GIS data

Point Cloud - 55M points RGB color

BIMRAY® displays Reality-Capture models, CAD/BIM/3D models & Point Clouds

Modeling methods and formats for BIMRAY®...

Reality-Capture Modeling has become an increasingly affordable solution in the display of assets and locations. While is doesn't break down the model into individual parts (an irregular mesh is created though an automated process), and RC model can give a fairly good representation of the subject, including photo-generated material texturing. Typically export as FBX and OBJ.

3D/CAD, BIM and Standard 3D Models can be supplied or built from your data.
Each individual part/object can be isolated and viewed with access to attributes. Typical file formats include: RVT, DXF, DWG, MAX, etc.

Point Clouds (XYZ Point Display Tool shown below) can now be displayed in BIMRAY®

Supply your color point cloud in a variety of formats (LAS, XYZ, etc)
Use the Contact Us form to ask questions or set up a demo to see BIMRAY® in action!

See BIMRAY® in action 

Point Cloud viewing, measurement & XZY point location labeling

Need 3D Models from your data?

We can take your generated points and produce BIM and non-BIM models quickly and cost-effectively


Interactive 3D elevation models that display both surface and sub-surface data